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Interior Painting

Interior Painting Projects
Large to Small

Europa Painting is a respected, full-service interior painting that offers both interior and exterior painting services to almost all of Connecticut. We have professional experience painting everything from a new baby room to large scale commercial buildings, and everything in between. No matter the size of the job, Europa Painting and our team of professional painters are ready to complete the task!

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Experience with Specialized Coatings and Techniques

When you work with experienced and professional interior painters, many coatings and specialized techniques are made available to you, that not every Connecticut painting company can accomplish.

Europa Painting offers a multitude of options in addition to the basic 2 layers of wall paint.

Our specialized textured finishes and interior painting techniques

Strie and Chambray: This is a great technique to add depth and texture to a room. A colored base coat is applied and allowed to dry. A colored glaze is applied over the dry base coat then immediately scraped with a dry brush, sponge or another texture to create a pattern. The base coat shines through the colored glaze, making a beautiful, complex texture.

Faux Painting: This technique is done using the strie and chambray technique, except the purpose is to make it look like a faux material, for example, it can be used to mimic wood, or tile.

Marbleizing: This painting technique makes a wall to look like marble.

Old World Wall: A technique used to make a wall look centuries old, like inside a roman building, with spots of paint missing and areas or the wall peeling.

Subtle Stripes: Painting vertical or horizontal stripes on a wall with give the room more depth.

Our Process and Attention to Detail

In addition to getting superior interior painting professional techniques and experience, Europa Painting commits to a professional process in order to get the job done correctly. We sand and prepare all surfaces prior to primer application. We put a primer coat and two layers of paint on ALL painting applications. We even sand between layers and coats of paint when needed. Or new constructions can interior spray primer coats.

Additional Interior Painting Services

Wall Paper: We remove and apply all types of wallpaper. Wall paper can be a pain to remove, but Europa Painting has the tools and experience to get it done so you don’t have to! Fill out the form to learn more about our many wallpaper options.

Ceilings: We offer many ceiling options to make the view from below perfect! We sand and finish your ceiling, create many texturized looks such as “popcorn” ceiling or Venetian plaster.

Wood Finishes: We will sand, caulk and paint all interior trim, such as crown molding, baseboard and door and window trim. We make sure the job is done in perfect detail, and sand between coats when needed.

Skim Coating

Skim-coating is an advanced smoothing process for high-end wall and ceiling finishes. Europa Painting is qualified to skim coat all surfaces, wall, ceiling and sheet rock perfect and seamless look!

Color Consultations

Europa Painting knows that not all coatings, applications and textures turn out looking exactly as you might think on a wall inside your home. This is especially important for kitchen refinishing and bathroom refinishing where every color should flow perfectly. We have the experience to offer consultations about how a technique will look and feel in a room, when requested.

Choose Europa Painting

Europa Painting offers even more interior painting, coatings and techniques not mentioned here. We cover all areas from new construction, to painting plastic, like no other company does. Please fill out the form to learn more about our Connecticut interior painting services to best suit your needs! We would be happy to give you an estimate on your projects cost.

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